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1.09 - Pulling On-leash

Pulling on leash is a huge problem for many dog owners and they try and solve the problem by buying all sorts of specialized leashes, collars, halters, and harnesses. In reality, leash-pulling masks the real problem: What would happen if you had no leash? No dog either, right?

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1.08 - Hyperdog!

Unless trained otherwise, dogs, especially puppies and adolescents, are noisy and active. What else is new? If you want to be able to have your dog sit or settle down on command you'll have to practice doing so.  The secret is alternating between having them get excited and having them settle down, all on cue.  The more you practice, in the more environments, with the more distractions, the more reliable they will be.

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1.07 - Come Here!

Training a reliable recall is one of the most important things you can do with your dog.  A dog that comes when called under any circumstances is always under control, and can be let off leash with confidence.  Training this kind of reliability isn't easy and takes a lot of steps, always increasing the level of duration, distance and distractions.  It's well worth it though.  And you must remember to never punish a succesful recall.  If they come when you call you reward them, regardless of what they were up to before you called.

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1.06 - Socialization for Dogs and Their Owners

Living with a socialized and friendly dog can be a dream. Living with an unsocialized, asocial, or antisocial dog can be a nightmare.  Fortunately, socializing your dog can be great fun, and it's likely to do wonders for your social life.  Show strangers how to introduce themselves to you dog while on walks or at the park.  Have a puppy party so your pup gets used to meeting and being handled by strangers, in an exciting party atmosphere.

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1.05 - Home Alone!

If puppies and dogs are not housetrained and chewtoy-trained during the first couple of weeks at home, then they will likely be confined to a single room or ostracized to the backyard, where they will develop additional forms of occupational therapy to pass the time of day when left at home alone. The dog will learn to eliminate indiscriminately and chew anything and everything. Also, the dog will take up digging or barking as newfound hobbies. Soon, the neighbors will likely complain about the dog’s barking and so the dog is further confined to the basement or garage…which he destroys. The poor dog is no longer a companion, but instead an uneducated animal (with many behavior problems) confined to a basement. But not for long. Soon the dog will be surrendered to a shelter and confined to a smaller cage. Maybe out of sheer boredom in solitary confinement, some dogs may escape to explore the world beyond his backyard. Free roaming dogs have decreased life expectancies.

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1.04 - Errorless Housetraining and Chewtoy Training

Housesoiling and destructive chewing are two of the most common, yet utterly predictable, behavior problems, which cause many owners to banish their dogs to the back yard, or maybe surrender their dogs to shelters. These two problems are so common and so utterly predictable, why don’t dog owners know how to housetrain and chewtoy train their dogs? It’s hardly rocket science. Of course it is easy to cite, “owner irresponsibility.” But for the most part, this is simply not true. As always, education is the key. And all pet professionals (including myself) have been negligent with regards

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1.03 - Problem? What Problem

Living with dogs is all about relationships. When owners enjoy their dog’s behavior and company, the relationship blossoms. When pets misbehave, the relationship sours Unfortunately, dog behavior, temperament and training problems are extremely common and utterly predictable. Temperament problems make a dog a challenge to live with. And behavior and training problems are the #1 terminal illness for pet dogs. Behavior, temperament and training problems are the most common reason for people to surrender or abandon their dogs. Ironically, all behavior, temperament and training problems may be

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1.02 - Happy Birthday Puppy Training!

On January 26th, Off-leash Puppy Classes celebrated their 25th Birthday. The world’s very first off-leash puppy socialization and training class for pet dogs was started on 26th January 1982. Just 25 years ago, dog trainers only taught adult dogs repetitive on-leash obedience drills. Puppy Classes emphasized the importance of teaching bite inhibition, early socialization, temperament training, and simple solutions for common and predictable behavior problems, as well as basic household manners. Also, Puppy Classes championed user-friendly and dog-friendly dog training techniques, that were

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1.01 - Pet Dog Training

Over the past 30 years or so, pet dog training has evolved as a specialized field of dog training. Pet dog training is one of the most complicated, challenging, sometimes frustrating, yet most thoroughly rewarding of endeavors. Pet dog training differs markedly from teaching competition dogs or working dogs, and from training animals for public shows. In all other fields of training, the syllabus is finite, and the handler knows both the rules and questions before the examination. With pet dog training, there are no rules, the questions are unknown, and the syllabus is infinite — comprising

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