4.08 German Shepherd Litter

Last week we found ourselves in the position of being able to put the SIRIUS Puppy Raising Initiative into practice.  It turns out that one of Jamie's friend's father had bred a litter of German Shepherd Puppies.  Unfortunately, he'd done so quite a while ago and the pups were already nine weeks old by the time we learned about them and no one had given him BEFORE or AFTER You Get Your Puppy.  While his heart was in the right place, he didn't have all the information he needed to help the pups be their very best selves. However, young pups are super-malleable and puppy training and socialization is what we're all about. We offered to help and he was very enthusiastic, so we got to work.  First we helped him set up the housetraining program and address some important socialization issues in their home, then we took all the pups to our SIRIUS training facility in El Cerrito to work on some training and socialization outside the home, which we filmed.  We've given each of the pups their own copy of SIRIUS Puppy Training and a scholarship to a six-week SIRIUS Puppy 1 course.  You can see all the individual puppy videos on the Raising a Puppy Training Videos Page, and you can see a compilation with all the pups as a Video iWoof.