1.02 - Happy Birthday Puppy Training!

On January 26th, Off-leash Puppy Classes celebrated their 25th Birthday. The world’s very first off-leash puppy socialization and training class for pet dogs was started on 26th January 1982. Just 25 years ago, dog trainers only taught adult dogs repetitive on-leash obedience drills. Puppy Classes emphasized the importance of teaching bite inhibition, early socialization, temperament training, and simple solutions for common and predictable behavior problems, as well as basic household manners. Also, Puppy Classes championed user-friendly and dog-friendly dog training techniques, that were suitable for all family members, especially including children. Nowadays, the gentle and easy, yet science-based puppy training techniques have been adopted and adapted by most progressive trainers worldwide. Puppy Classes revolutionized pet dog training. In fact, in a sense, Puppy Classes created the field of pet dog training.


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