Vote for Rusty

This weekend, I went into a pet store called Especially for Pets in Westborough, Massachusetts along with my wife, Linda, and dog, Rusty. Unbeknownst to us, there was a cutest pet competition photographer there soliciting applicants for the low cost of $25. Well naturally we think Rusty is the cutest pet so we immediately signed up and before too long Rusty was posing on a purple chair for elegant mug shots (see attached photo). I think you will agree that he has a winning smile.


Anyway, just like in American Idol, I am rooting for you all to go to the photographer’s website and vote for Rusty if you agree he is the most handsome dog (or even if you don’t). All you have to do is go to . Click on find all details of the contest here and you will see some elegant portraits of dogs including one of my Rusty. He’s the one with the star-shaped tag who has boxer coloration and looks for all the world like a black mouth cur, perhaps with a bit of Rhodesian ridgeback (Zimbabwe zipperback?) thrown in. When you see his laughing face, shining eyes, and cute floppy ears, you are bound to vote for him.


Actually, now that I look closer I see his name is underneath his picture so that will save you some bother. If we win the contest, Rusty will be famous, we’ll be happy dog parents, and we will donate the prize (a gift certificate for goods at the Westborough pet store) to the Bay Path Shelter in Hopkinton, MA. So without further ado, vote for Rusty, vote for Rusty, vote for Rusty, and thank you.


Dr Nicholas Dodman


PS And, if you live in or near New Jersey, please consider coming to my June seminars at Purr’n Pooch (see thepetdocs.Com and/or under “Events”)

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