Training in a Nutshell

Training (from your dog's perspective):

  • What should I do? (Cue or Command)
  • How do I do that? (Elicit)
  • For how long should I keep doing it?  (Release)
  • Why should I do it? (Reward)


Training (from your perspective) -- The CERR Model:

"Command" - "Cue" = Prompt the dog.

"Elicit" = Coach your dog the right answer. Get him to do it!  

"Release" = Mark when he's done doing it.

"Reward" = Make it worth doing.





How do you make sure the dog will do it consistently?  

Practice, practice, practice.  


What if he is too "out of control" or "stressed out" to respond?  



But what if there are distractions?  

Doesn't matter.  Keep eliciting.


Repetition is key!  Repeat again!

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