The Scoop

It’s been a while since I blogged the site so I thought I would put fingers to keyboard and make amends. It has been pretty crazy lately what with clinical work (seeing behavior cases), teaching (clinical teaching and the lecture course coming up), and research (discovery of the gene that causes Dobermans to flank suck, a new treatment for canine compulsive disorder and a sophisticated imaging study (VBM) of Dobermans at Harvard’s McLean Hospital (remember, where “the beautiful mind” was an inmate). All this plus contributing to the newly formed Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, writing books and giving talks and there’s not much time left in the day.

One of the most pleasurable commitments I made last year was being on the road, giving talks, with my old buddy Ian Dunbar of Dog Star Daily (and other) fame. As I have no doubt mentioned before, Ian and I go back, way back so we can have some fun and reminisce about “the good old days” after presentations.  I am so pleased the show is not over for 2009. We are giving one more “dog and pony show” in mid-November in Massachusetts. The event is almost sold out with close to 150 in attendance.  

Ian enjoyed getting out and talking again so much that he’s arranged his own set of seminars for next year, but we will be talking together again in 2011. To keep myself fully occupied in 2010 I have planned some talks of my own.  The first will be a three-day event in Pasadena, CA in March (see ThePetDocs.Com for details).  Then comes a 2-day talk to vets in New Jersey (New Joisy?) in April or May, a 3-day talk to trainers in Chicago (in June?) and a year closer event Octoberish somewhere in Florida. That should keep me completely busy and well travelled.

Oh, and my older daughter is getting married In the Dominican Republic in February.  Never a dull moment! Finally, for those following my blog, Rusty, my newly adopted dog is doing just fine and gaining in confidence.  He’s a real sweetie though he still has a tad of separation anxiety and pees when he meets loud people. I’m more of a whisperer myself.