Reducing Leash Reactivity - Video Featuring Drayton Michaels, CTC & Lucy the APBT

Watch as Drayton Michaels, (CTC) behavior technician and dog trainer explains and demonstrates how to reduce leash reactivity. Along the way scent motivation, scent stimulation and reducing puling are addressed. 

Lucy a 1 ½ year old female American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) was reported to have reactivity to running screaming kids, skateboards and sudden environmental contrast. 

There was considerable behavior information taken prior to this first session, and Lucy and Drayton worked in the Urban Dawgs facility for roughly one hour prior to the leash walk. However there were no definitive determinations made about distances of stimulus during reactive episodes. 

This was the first session with Lucy and what you see is what happened in real time. There were no set ups. 

We hope this video will help you when working with reactive dogs. 
Remember be safe, have a high rate, have fun and train don't complain!


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