Bruin's Poem - A Board and Train Journey

Bruin is winding down his first (and possibly only) Three Day Board and Train. With respect to developing better leash manners, off leash (supervised) reliability out in the planet and within the home, better manners with his own kind and people, hats off to Bean. My 9 1/2 year old English Springer Spaniel is an extraordinary teacher. While I sometimes consider his punishment  dose a bit more emphatic than necessary, I concede that he is usually right. If he has to get into it once in a while with a real upstart (not the situation with Bruin) -- that is, an extremely overbearing and under socialized pup -- he only has to get really mad once. And  he always becomes peaceful with that dog once the lesson is learned and they have opportunity to meet up again. Bean does redirect if I ask him to "go away" from the offender; sometimes I might have to do it more than once, but he's pretty reliable and that can avoid a spat. But when I employ him to help, he is a remarkable adjunct in helping make huge turnarounds very quickly which allows the owner to have a specific set of protocols to follow upon returning home. Thus it is with this puppy and I was inspired to write a poem.


The Benefit of a Bean

I Wish I May I Wish I Might
Know what Bean finds wrong and right
He's taming Bruin who's full of sass
And knows just when to kick his a**!

Bruin's learning how to chill
Without abuse, without a pill
He's welcome back for many DIPs
And Bean agrees and sways his hips!
(and enjoys the very nearly empty but tantalizing pb jar)

On leash or off, Outdoors or In
Manners matter to kith and kin
Pay heed young pup and please your pack
And even Bean will want you back!


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