The Poop Tells All

Yes, well, feeling a little silly this evening, after a grid-like search of the yard, for a deposit left by Talley. You see, she has been suffering from a recurring bout of colitis, and the poop tells all. Is the poop now firm, cow plop mushy or (sorry) liquid in nature. Right now, I am a poop detective. Bridget, who rarely has diarrhea, not to be outdone, joined Talley in the digestive disasters. Doobie (confirmed by on site inspection) has the only normal poop of the three. With umpteen (feels like) meds on board, and back to cooking boiled meat/hamburger, I pray for normal firm formed poop.

Referring to the earlier adventure, I had let labs X three out into the yard, and was watching closely through the open glass door, for poop postures. Sure enough, Talley assumed the position, and I made a mental note (I thought) as to the location. However, it was not to be that easy, which just goes along with the theme in general of late. I strode confidently to the spot for inspection only to consider.....grass, grass and more grass. Anyone watching would have thought I`d lost a contact, or, perhaps my marbles, as I traversed the yard in a hunched over methodical gridlike search. You see, I needed to know. With three labs out there, making note of individual poop status is a must.

The task proved easier early in the day when we traveled to a local Natural Resources Area, and though off leash, it was easy to spot the position, and immediately investigate. Anyways, going back to earlier, I eventually found my target, but it was not the piece of (sorry) cake in the finding. Which leaves me to wonder, am I alone in my machinations over poop as a health indicator of our dogs? Surely others must engage in this detective work as well? At present, I might more efficiently walk each lab on leash to await evidence, thus negating further searches of the yard. I am proud to announce that we are nearing normalcy once again; for now it seems that further Veterinary visits will be avoided.  My point amidst all this silliness is that ongoing diarrhea inidcates all is not well. With colitis, the associated inflammation leads to bowel incontinence, and I tell you it is not pretty. When they have to go, they have to go NOW. I have been there, cleaning up the multi-plops across the carpet. Prevention is the best medicine. When you see it coming, take action. On that note, I shall take leave of my ramblings for the evening. Good luck to anyone having similar experiences.