Pet Pharm

Today is November 4th, 2010. That date jogged my memory because it is the day that Ian Dunbar and I will feature in "Pet Pharm" a one-hour Canadian national broadcast (CBC).

The two of us are pitted against each other in an anti- versus pro-behavior modifying drug duel. That’s the way TV likes to do things; one says one thing and the other says another. That’s called controversy and it’s good for ratings. In fact, Ian has (rarely) resorted to behavior modifying drugs to treat dogs with certain conditions and has referred (again rarely) some cases to UC Davis, where they may well be prescribed drugs. And although it may come as a surprise to some, I do not always resort to behavior modifying drugs and am a big proponent of positive training, including Ian’s centerpiece training technique, lure and reward.

Anyway, we both had fun making this documentary in which the camera crew followed us to the ends of the Earth to get the footage they needed. I was filmed at Tufts in Massachusetts, San Diego and Japan. Ian was filmed in San Diego and at his home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hopefully we both come out of this smelling like roses but who knows? Here is an interview with the director. The production company, White Pines Studios, hope the film will be shown in Japan at some time in the future and that it will also make its way to the US. Keep a look out for it. Till then, sayonara and happy tails to all.

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