'Leave it', 'Find it' and 'Give' or 'Drop'.

As a follow on from my last blog, here are three essential commands to train every dog, especially as a preventer of possessive aggression. Hungarian Visla Bruno is learning all three commands using the clicker & a variety of objects.  Remember that as a young puppy, it's owners who impart value onto stolen items.  The dog has no idea what is worth stealing or not.  It's only from the confrontation which results from the theft & the owners tone of voice, that dogs learn over time what's worth taking to get attention.  As well as puppy proofing your home, I make sure that if my young pup investigates any object, he's encouraged to bring it to me by using a happy & inquisitive tone of voice.  Then I swap the item for a tasty treat.  I will often drop the item a second time (as I do in the video), or hold it out to him & request him to hold it again, rewarding him a second time.

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