Give Your Dog The Gift of Sniff with Nosework!

It’s no secret what a dog’s nose knows. While we humans have only around 5 million scent receptors, dogs’ olfactory receptors number in the hundreds of millions! Dogs use their noses as a primary source of navigation and information gathering. They use scent-marking a source of communication. Dogs take in scent the way most people take in visual and auditory information.


Yet in our human-centric world, dogs are constantly thwarted or punished for gathering info/exploring/expressing themselves via sniffing and marking.


The human equivalent would be to live with blinders on, our mouths taped over, and our hands tied!


Living this way must be frustrating for dogs and likely leads to many behavioral issues.


Every single time I teach nosework to my Sirius® Sniffer students, work a nosework event, teach a scent workshop for pet dogs, or practice with my dogs I am reminded just how important it is to allow our canine companions an outlet for their olfactory-based instincts.


Every time I participate in nosework it is a purely delightful experience. I cannot recommend it enough. If you haven’t already done so, please get out there and try it and give your dog the “gift of sniff”!


In this video clip, Hugo-Louis the French Bulldog shows just how dedicated he is to staying on the scent trail. He also demonstrates how much fun nosework is for both dogs and humans alike. 

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