Tug Life – How a Love of Tug can Resolve Reactivity (and Hyperactivity!)

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Teaching your dog to love playing Tug can be incredibly helpful for addressing reactivity and hyperactivity problems. Tug is a game that your dog plays WITH YOU, and it's easy and portable to bring with you anywhere. The beauty of Tug is that it keeps your dog's focus on YOU, which allows you to pull your dog's focus away from anything they might react towards.

If your dog loves to play Tug, and they are starting to get a little worked up about another dog, or a squirrel, you can pull their Tug Toy out of your pocket and get them super focussed on you to the point where they completely ignore everything else. Problem solved.

That's why we encourage all dog and puppy owners to teach their dogs to play Tug, even if they don't have problems with reactivity. Teaching your dog Tug opens up a whole new realm of dog training, making it easy to improve motivation and reliability.

Plus, behavior and temperament are always changing so it's good to have Tug in your pocket (figuratively and literally) in case you need to pull it out someday.

Check out this Quick Tip to learn more:

If you want to learn more about how to teach your dog to love Tug and how to use their love of Tug to prevent or resolve dog-dog reactivity problems, check out our all-new Dog-Dog Reactivity Webinar, available on Dunbar Academy, for free, for a LIMITED TIME.




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