Help Every Puppy Get the Education They Deserve

Please, please, PLEASE help us make sure every new puppy gets the education they desperately need and deserve this holiday season. 

Please tell everyone you know about our 2 free puppy training ebooks:

When you're prepared, you have a plan, and you know what you're doing BEFORE you get your puppy, it makes all the difference in the world! Raising a puppy with the right preparation is easy, fun, and rewarding, for you and your pup! 

You never know who is thinking about getting a puppy this holiday season, or at some point in the future, so please, SHARE this post and tell everyone you know to share it as well. And please tell anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy and anyone who recently got a puppy to download these books right away!

It's never too late to train a dog, but training a puppy is much, much easier the earlier you start. These two book, by Dr. Ian Dunbar, contain all the essential info you need to start your puppy on the right paw.

Together we can make sure every puppy gets the education they deserve this holiday season!

BEFORE You Get Your Puppy is, as you can imagine, particularly useful for anyone who has not acquired their puppy yet, including people who are just starting to think about getting a puppy. It includes chapters on the critical developmental deadlines that all dogs go through, plus tips for selecting a puppy and a breeder, and useful information about puppy training essentials.

AFTER You Get Your Puppy picks up where BEFORE left off, diving deep into puppy training and raising, starting with housetraining so you can teach your puppy how to behave in a human home; where to pee and poop, what to chew; and when to settle down. Next up is socialization, so your pup can learn to be comfortable and confident around all the people in your life, and all the people they might encounter out in the world. Puppy Biting is addressed in detail, with instructions for how to provide your pup with appropriate feedback so they learn to have a soft mouth while they are still a puppy. Finally, you'll learn about the common behavior problems that appear during adolescence and how you can prevent these problems, or address them quickly and effectively if they do crop up.

These two book are an invaluable resource that every new and prospective puppy owner should read. Please, help us spread the word about these books by sharing this link with everyone you know:

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