Dunbar Academy Gets a Make-Over

Dunbar Academy is our online dog training and behavior school and presents a more structured and curated learning experience than Dog Star Daily can provide.

But it wasn't always that way. When we started Dunbar Academy a couple of years ago, it primarily consisted of video recording of Ian's many dog behavior seminar and workshops. 

But in the past few months we've totally revamped the website to make it into a very streamlined set of courses that are each tailored to one of several important groups of doggy people: regular pet dog owners, dog trainers and other doggy professionals (veterinarians, breeders, rescue workers...), all at an unbeatable price.


First of all, we offer a collection of free courses that contain the information that is just so essential, we simply had to make it available to everyone. Most importantly, there's a couple of these free courses for Dog Owners, including the Behavior Problems Crash Course and the Guide to Getting a Dog, which can help prevent and resolve all the most common problems people have with their dogs.

In addition to the courses for dog owners, there are also free courses tailored to each of the important doggy professionals: dog trainersveterinarians, breeders, shelters/rescues, & pet stores

These free courses have the potential to dramatically change the world of dogs for the better. They contain training information that is so essential and so effective, they simply must be shared. If every veterinarian, breeder, shelter, rescue, pet store and dog owner just understood the basic concepts behind dog development and behavior, we could totally eliminate the problem of unwanted and abandoned dogs.


This is our basic course, intended for regular dog owners. It's just $8/month but it includes everything you need to train the perfect companion dog, with hours of video demonstrations and explanations. This course has everything that a dog owner needs to know, from raising a puppy to training an adult dog, including socialization, house training and temperament training. 

This course explains how to prevent all of the most common behavior problems and fix any problems that your dog has developed.

Try it out now and get your first month for just $1. You can cancel anytime and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you aren't satisfied, we'll give you your $1 back!


This course is a truly unbeatable value for professional dog trainers and anyone else who wants to develop a high-level understanding of dog behavior and training. The Top Dog Academy includes everything in the Dog Lover's Library, plus over 80 hours of dog training seminars and workshops which have been approved for Continue Education Units by the CCPDT, the IAABC & the NADOI.

In addition to all of the educational content, Top Dog Academy members also get to join a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share stories with other like-minded doggy people.

We're actively adding more content and improving the material that's available in all of these courses, so please check out Dunbar Academy if you'd like to learn more. 

The Guide to Getting a Dog – Free on Dunbar Academy