Invite Rover to Family Game Night!


Do you know about DARF?  Oh are you in for some fun!!!  They make board games, card games and dice games that you can play with your dog!  I know, right??  How fun does this sound?

Funagle:  The new BOARD GAME people and their dogs play together. Friends and family huddle aroung a board game giggling while they match wits trying to get their dogs to "Moonwalk" or "Do the Wave." DEFINITION OF FUNAGLE (pronuciation:fuhn-ney-guh-L), to fitness a dog into performing an activity using treats, verbal and gestrual communication.

Do You Mind:  The new CARD/DICE GAME people and dogs play. Friends and family compete to get their dogs to dance, pose, sing, play footsie among 60 fun activities. People and dogs have fun together while the dog learns, plays and becomes more socialized Roll the pawprint dice, pick a card, do the trick, score the points! EASY and fun!. A great game for parties!

Muttheads:  The new CARD GAME people and dogs play together. Collect sets of matching Mutt and Head cards, perform the tasks and score the points. Muttheads is great family fun and costs less than a night at the movies. For 1 or more dogs & 2 or more humans (aged 8 years and older).

As if that's not enough fun, you can upload photos and videos of you and your dog playing these games to the darfinc website!  Seriously!

So, next family game night or the next time you have friends over, bring out a totally new game.  I am so impressed with this that I'm getting all the games to use in my training classes.  Hmmm...maybe we could start some DARF leagues?

Anyway, if you're as excited as I am (can you tell that I'm excited??), check it all out at

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