If Dogs Could Rehome Their Owners!

I often wonder if dogs could rehome their owners would they?

Veronica a light haired female human loves attention, pulls on the lead and needs training in this area, sleeps all night, house trained but can get a little stressed around other humans. Needs a lap dog.

Harrold, an entire male human. Black hair, has a bad habit of popping at the collar, doesn't like other human company. Needs an independent large confident dog to help him meet other humans and socialise.

Becky and Bobbie twins aged 6, high energy needs a lot of attention and a dog who is really fit and healthy to keep up with them. You shouldn't mind being woken in the middle of the night as these are not house trained and only sleep around 5 hours a night. Advantages are lots of treats and many toys.

Clive This human needs a cat, no dogs!