Grow Up With Har-Vest Special Offer

If you can start out on the right paws with your young puppy developing loose leash manners in a positive and user friendly way, would you? Of course. Even if that meant having to shell out more bucks each time your pup outgrew a piece of equipment? Probably not. Having multiple kids allows for hand me downs.


So why shouldn't the same apply to dogs? Well, now they do. Because we're throwing out, FOR A LIMITED TIME, that offer. Buy the Har-Vest in the size that fits your pup now at full price. It might be a gently used version, might not. Keep the vest in good condition and trade up for the next size up for only the cost of postage and a new (if needed) strap set [or returning to A Better Pet ] for the swap. Sometimes you might only need a new set of straps, other times a new Har-Vest. When your dog is full grown, you'll be in the final Har-Vest you'll need for years of durability and practical use.

Meet Finn. When I first met Finn, he was 8 weeks old and a scrawny little gangly fellow. Starting out with an XS Finn grew, and grew and grew, to S to M to L and now XL. Now nearly 1, he's got some filling out to do and may need a larger strap set when fully grown. And all for the cost of one Har-Vest and a few strap sets. His gently used Har-Vest's have already gone on to other pups and if they return in good condition, once again they'll go out. Confused? Have questions? Want to know how to get in on this great deal? Email [[email protected]) and ask me how TODAY!