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Genie Tuttle is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).  Genie has a Bachelor's degree in Communication from California State University, Northridge and has been training dogs of all breeds for more than 25 years.  A lifelong dog lover, she has worked for private training companies, Parks and Recreation departments and a big box pet supply chain prior to launching her own business, Dog Genie in 2003.  Dog Genie is a training company specializing in teaching people how to successfully use positive communication techniques with their dogs for a lifetime of happiness and understanding. From group clicker training classes, to customized private lessons, Genie enjoys teaching people in and around Southern California the power of positive reinforcement.  Her background is in Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Marketing Operations, Fundraising and Event Planning.

Genie has been a greyhound owner since 1993 and serves on the Board of Directors for Homestretch Greyhound Rescue & Adoption, an official 501(c)(3) charity located in Fillmore, California where she serves as the Director of Media Relations and Training.

Genie can be reached at:  [email protected] or

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frightened dog near fireworks

The 4th of July - Dog Dependence Day - A Survival Guide

The 4th of July – Dog Dependence Day – A Survival Guide


American Independence Day, the 4th of July, conjures up visions of good times with family and friends, time off, picnics and summer fun - as it should!


BamBam waits patiently in his crate away from the search area in Nose Work class

Why there is No Nose-to-Nose in Nose Work

Group dog training classes are always fun and entertaining in addition to being useful on several different levels. Watching other dog/owner teams work out some of the same issues you are facing is both comforting and educational.


Dogs having fun doing nose work

Playing with Nose Work

We all know that dogs have a superior sense of smell and that smell is arguably one of their strongest senses. Dogs love to read the world using their nose, that’s just how they roll. The activity/sport of nose work isn’t “work” at all for dogs, it’s the love of their life! As a fellow dog-lover you know as well as I do that dogs just want to have fun, so getting to play with their sense of smell is a win/win!


What if We Practiced Dog Ownership First?


We’ve all heard the familiar pleas: “Can we get a dog?” “I want a dog, look how cute he is!” Dogs are tons of fun and having a canine companion is great, but what’s involved with owning a dog can catch a person off guard.

Shelter dog, "Cowboy" is a K9 Nose Work superstar!
Cowboy searching vehicles for the target scent, birch

K9 Nose Work® for Shelter Dogs - Enrichment for Both Ends of the Leash

K9 Nose Work® for Shelter Dogs – Enrichment for Both Ends of the Leash

by Genie Tuttle, CPDT-KA, CNWI

Empathy for the Reactive Dog – Keepin’ it Real

Living with a reactive dog is a humbling experience on many levels. The understanding of the world that humans gain via language, experience and rational explanations for nearly everything are not part of the reactive dog's natural repertoire. However, we might be more similar at a basic level than we choose to admit. Taking time to shake off the clinical topography and protocols now and then and just reconnecting with how fear really feels can make us better trainers.

Animal Shelter Team Gathered for a Meeting About Postivie Dog Training

Shelter Enrichment - Not Just For Dogs

Yesterday was a great day, a day when I felt like I had gotten in the game and put action behind my convictions. I’m passionate about keeping dogs in living rooms and out of shelters. I’m passionate about teaching people that behavioral issues can be solved humanely and positively. I’m passionate about spreading the word of positive training techniques far and wide. But passion is pointless when kept to yourself, and I honestly believe that actions speak louder than words.


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