DSD is becoming very popular in Ireland

Denise Cox owner of Irish Animals on the net is an Email Newsletter Specialist and has extensive knowledge in email marketing - from best practice, marketing know-how to writing content that works. Named a Net Visionary in 2002, Denise has been involved in email marketing since 1996 and provides practical consultancy to Newsweaver's clients, enabling them to maximise their investment in email.

Denise has her own email marketing blog email matters! and also publishes The Business of Email – one of Europe's leading email newsletters specialising in email marketing. She is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars, as well as a contributor to publications on the subject of email marketing.

Denise, originally from California owns Irelands largest animal related website www.irishanimals.ie and her newsletter http://irishanimals.newsweaver.ie/newsletter/16ddpssj5xn recently featured a positive review of the fab Dog Star Daily Website.

Denise owns and has owned her share of rescue dogs and has made life better for all animals in Ireland. Denise has done this through eduation and making important information available. For example she has reunited lost dogs with owners all over the country, worked on important topics including starting spayweek Ireland which iterates the importance of spaying and neutering your pet and through her discussion board board.irishanimals.ie various rescue centres around the country can communicate which allows for the transport of dogs in danger, advertisment of rescue dogs needing homes, appeals from shelters in need of donations and so much more.

Denise has done all of this and more and now she is sharing Dog Star Daily with her thousands of dedicated subscribers who will most defintely pass the message on.

Thanks Denise!