The Dog Training Ireland Internship - Our Interns

We have an Internship running at Dog Training Ireland. We help those who are studying in the area of canine training and behaviour to gain practical experience handling and working with dogs. It is a voluntary position so commitment is required but we believe there is no better way to learn about dogs and training than the hand son approach!

The Interns work in the daycare, training classes and can sit in on private training sessions. We also ask them to get involved with various tasks and appreciate their creative input and ideas in all areas. We welcome them into the team and include them in everything from discussions on poop consistency to organising training demonstrations at fun days and competitions!

This current group of Interns are:

Joe Kelly
Emma Heely
Edel O'Meara
Nadine Fiebich
Shaun Quinn
Izaskun Arrietta
Lisa Jones
Andy Harold

In particular Andy, Joe, Emma and Edel work very hard during the week and at weekends and the benefits are showing. They are a great group and not only have excellent doggie skills but they have great people skills too.

I would highly recommend developing an Internship in any training facility. It is a privilege to be able to help future dog trainers along the way, promote appropriate and reward based training methods and really make a difference and contribution to their career paths.

I remember their first week in Daycare and I can see how their skills have improved. They have learnt about resource guarding, bite inhibition, timing, motivation, importance of puppy socialisation, learning theory and most importantly how to make a good KONG that lasts an hour for rest time! I over hear discussions on positive reinforcement versus negative reinforcement, negative and positive punishment, aversives and so on so their brains are ticking over and that's what it's all about.

We are so very proud of all of our Interns, we are happy for them to represent Dog Training Ireland and we are delighted to help them on their way to becoming truly excellent trainers.