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Jerry Hope is the author of The Breeder’s Guide to Raising Superstar Dogs and the creator of the Superstar Dog Program, which is designed to prevent many common behavior problems in dogs by imprinting correct behaviors very early puppyhood. The book outlines for breeders how to best prepare puppies for life in the real world. Additionally, the book is an excellent source for future puppy owners to use in selecting the right breeder; a breeder that has produced a puppy that will have the best chance to blend into their family with the least amount of problems. The Breeder’s Guide to Raising Superstar Dogs is available on Jerry’s website,

Jerry is also the owner of Canine Behavior Clinic. Since its conception in the mid-1980s, Canine Behavior Clinic has been involved in solving complex behavior problems in dogs. Jerry has been training dogs professionally since 1975 and has more than 30 years experience including a formal education in the area of psychology and an in-depth understanding of learning theory. Jerry has titled dogs in obedience, agility, tracking, and personal protection. He has competed in several different countries and under many different organizations.

Blog posts by Jerry Hope

Doctor Who?

One of the thrills for me in conducting seminars is that I get to meet new people. Meeting “seasoned” trainers which have a few years on them, much like me is a real treat as we can discuss the “old days.” But even more enjoyable for me is to meet the new trainer; the future of our business.


Establishing Dominance

I received a call from a lady with a dog training problem a few weeks ago. Her voice was cracking and I detected a sense of urgency. She started her story by telling me her dogs were dominant over her, and if she didn’t get them under control, they would soon take over her house. She knew they were dominant, because the two trainers that had previously assisted her told her so.
As the story continued, she told me that both trainers abandoned her when she failed to comply with their prescribed treatment plan.


Help for Today’s Breeder

In the mid-70s, when I first became a professional dog trainer, it was not unusual for breeders to observe the whelping of puppies and then “stay out of mother’s way” while she raised her pups.  Then, sometime after 6 weeks, the pups were placed into their new homes.  Not much has changed in 30 years.  The average age for pups to leave the litter is 7 weeks; and many breeders still haven’t bought in to the early socialization bit.  This needs to change.

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