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On-Leash Heeling

On-leash heeling is a complex, multi-part process.  The secret is mastering off-leash heeling skills first

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Off-Leash Heeling

Before you attempt on-Leash heeling, make sure you can heel your dog off-leash.  Otherwise you’ll use the leach for physical control, and it will become a permanent crutch

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Open Field Following

The key to teaching your dog to follow is walking away. If you do your best to lose your dog he will quickly learn that he needs to keep a close eye on you!

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Following Course At The Park

Using obstacles in an outdoor following course is a great way to practice maintaining your dogs attention while walking. Just remember whos following who.

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Following Course At Home

Its easy to set up a complex following course to help develop your dogs heeling abilities.

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Heeling With Tug Toy

A favorite tug toy makes a wonderful lure and reward for all sorts of training, including recalls and heeling.

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Training:  Heel


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