Season 2

2.04 – Finding a Good Dog Trainer

Finding a good dog trainer can be a difficult process. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure that the trainer you find will be a good fit for you and your puppy. The Dunbars discuss what to look for in a good trainer, whether it’s for puppy classes, adult dog training, or individual behavior consultations. Most of all, make sure you use a dog-friendly trainer! There’s no reason why training can’t be fun for all involved.

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2.03 – Safety First

Some dog behavior problems can put your dog in jeopardy. These need to be addressed in order to ensure the safety of dogs and their owners. The Dunbars respond to listener questions and discuss the importance of highly reliable emergency commands and boundary training. With training for safety, where reliability is so important, the key is proofing the commands against all possible distractions.

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2.02 – Loo Logistics

Long-term and short-term confinement, indoor and outdoor doggy toilets, night shifts and long days, rewards and reprimands. When it comes to training your pup to use the loo, the devil is in the details. The Dunbars discuss housetraining specifics, including how to set your new puppy up for success from the very beginning.

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2.01 - BEFORE You Get Your Puppy

Do your homework before you get a dog! The Dunbars discuss some of the questions you should ask yourself before adopting a dog. What do you want from a dog? How do you imagine your ideal canine companion? The first step in training a dog is determining your lifestyle and expectations. Also it's important to make sure the whole family agrees on getting a dog, and understands how to raise it responsibly.

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