Handling & Gentling

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Don’t Forget the Handling - SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic

Handling is such a simple exercise that  people often neglect to do it often enough.  The only way your adult dog will be happy being handled is if you trained them to enjoy it as a puppy.

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Greeting & Gentling

When you meet a new dog, give it the chance to come to you, and check to see if it will take a treat from you.  All puppies and dogs need to be actively handled and socialized so they are friendly with strangers and during vet exams


Handling & Gentling

Living with and loving a dog you cannot touch, cuddle, or hug is just about as silly as living with and loving a person you cannot hug. It is also potentially dangerous. Even so, veterinarians and groomers will tell you that hard-to-handle dogs are extremely common. Indeed, many dogs are extremely stressed when restrained and/or examined by strangers. There are few physical differences between hugging and restraint, or between handling and examination. The difference depends on your puppy's perspective. Generally, puppies feel they are hugged and handled by friends, but restrained and examined by strangers.

Training:  Handling & Gentling


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