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Sue runs Muttamorphosis Dog Training and Behaviour in the Newcastle Upon Tyne offering puppy socialisation classes, the UK Kennel Club's Good Citizen Award Scheme to Gold level and classes from puppy to adult level. All classes use clicker training to help dogs and owners learn in a fun positive way. Sue also offers behavioural advice to clients through veterinary referral and works in conjunction with numerous city vets.

Sue is proud to be a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Companion Dog Training at advanced level and a full member of the APDT UK. For the past 2 years, Sue's dog Sage has played the part of Mischief on the BBC's kids drama The Dumping Ground and Sue regularly provides trained dogs and cats for TV and other advertising work. 

Sue has studied Canine Psychology with the Animal Care College, and has trained intensively with John Rogerson of the Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour. Theories of dog training and behaviour are constantly evolving and Sue believes that her continued learning and experience can only serve to help her deal with each and every dog on his own merit and help all dogs live a safe, happy and healthy life. Sue has also reached Competency Assessment Level 1 for clicker trainers having trained with Kay Laurance, the UK's accepted authority on clicker training.

Sue was first introduced to dog training when, like so many, she owned her first 'problem' dog. From there, she spent almost 20 years training and competing in obedience, agility, working trials and flyball with her rescue dogs Scout, Sage and Misty. She is currently enjoying competing in Working Trials & Obedience with 5 year old rescue Border Collie Guinness. There is a terrier puppy planned for 2016.

Sue worked extensively in the voluntary dog rescue sector as a kennel hand, dog foster carer, temperament assessor and re-homing officer. She has raised numerous litters of rescue puppies with and without the help of a bitch. She has rehabilitated and trained many dogs for rehoming. Sue has also worked professionally in a dog boarding kennels and as a grooming assistant.

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Muttaorphosis Dog Training & Behaviour Video Blog on 'In-Litter Socialisation'.

Sue McCabe of Muttamorphosis Dog Training & Behaviour discusses all the things a breeder should be focusing on, to ensure puppies are well socialised before leaving for their new homes. 
My thanks to Mary and Des Murray of Riverrun Chesapeakes ( for allowing me to use their home and their wonderful dogs for this video. 
Dam: Ch Sh Ch Arnac Bay Winota/Sire: US Ch Sugartrees Moosepond Gunner MH

Dog Walking with a Head Collar, Muttamorphosis Dog Training.

The controversial issue of Head Collars.

I made the decision last year to introduce the Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation & Bronze level awards to my training classes.  I’m certain that the basis is there for a great training idea in theory.  Both levels teach basic manners, handling and life skills which should make living with your dog easier and allow you to enjoy each other’s company more.  However, in practice, there are elements to the programme of both levels, but especially the Bronze Award, which make me wonder just how far we’ve actually come in dog training terms. 


A lesson in removing even unexpected distractions when training your dog.

Remove all distractions when training a young dog…even unexpected ones.  I’ve heard myself tell clients this so many times.  When starting off training a new puppy, or an older dog that is learning something new, make sure that the distraction levels are kept to a minimum.   This allows your furry buddy to achieve success and confidence in learning.  You can then begin to introduce low, and gradually higher levels of distraction as time goes on.



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