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Jeff is a Certified Dog Behavior Conultant (CDBC), and co-owner of Training Tracks Canine Learning Station with 2 full-service training centers in Southwest Ohio. He has been working with dogs for over 20 years, and training professionally since 1998. He specializes in working with fearful and aggressive dogs and assisting animal shelters in creating behavioral enrichment programs and support services for adopters. He also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Jeff has a BA in political science, completed the coursework (if not the dissertation) for a PhD in history, and has a background in IT management consulting in addition to dog training. This background inspires and informs a special interest in the professional culture and institutions of the dog training profession. He lives in College Corner, Ohio his partner in business and in life, Melissa “Mel” Bussey. They share their home with 4 dogs - Maggie, Ubu, Professor Chaos, and Miley as well as 2 cats who are expert dog trainers in their own right - Iculus and Raja.

Blog posts by Jeff Silverman

Saving Ollie - Part 1 in a series on a shelter dog with serious behavior problems

I had little optimism for Ollie’s future as we concluded his initial behavior consultation. Homes for 140-pound dogs who bite people are in short supply, and Ollie seemed about to lose his. Ann and Meredith (not their real names) had adopted him from a shelter less than two months before our appointment. Their relationship started out wonderfully. The big goofy Harlequin Great Dane quickly bonded with his new family and spent his first 2 or 3 weeks charming their friends and neighbors. Then his behavior took a sudden and dramatic turn for the worse.



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