Cindy Bruckart


Cindy Bruckart is a dog trainer in the Portland, OR metro area.  

She runs Regarding Rover, LLC offering private training and board & train programs.  

She is also the Play Group Coordinator and Trainer at Multnomah County Animal Shelter, which is an open-admission, Open Paw, county shelter.  

She specializes in puppy and adolescent dog training with a focus on training during off-leash play.

Cindy is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, a Certified C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator, blogger, podcast host and public speaker.  She is also a proud, professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Cindy is currently traveling the country to speak about shelter play groups in her seminar Beyond Socialization - Using Shelter Play Groups for Training & Assessment.

Blog posts by Cindy Bruckart

Release the Hounds!

When I was growing up, I was very afraid of dogs. I wasn’t allowed to have pets, but I had lots of friends who had dogs and there were lots of dogs in my neighborhood. The dogs were never in the house. I remember being told that we couldn’t pet the dog because he would bite, and that was as common as being told we couldn’t have ice cream before dinner.


Mommy is Sick

My dogs have been watching me closely for two days now. I think they’re waiting. They’re being patient and sweet and waiting. In the past forty eight hours, all five of my dogs have chosen to lie at my feet, or by the fire or on the loveseat where humans never sit. None of them have so much as hinted at a request to sit next to me on the couch.


How to Rule Your Dog's World

There seem to be a lot of dog owners out there who are worried about being pushed around by their dogs. Clients come to me all the time asking for reassurance that they are not somehow being drawn into total control by their canine companion.

Here’s how I determine who is in charge. If you were trapped in your house with your dog, and the only thing to eat was a can of beef stew, who would open the can? Whoever opens the can is in charge. (If you're thinking your dog would simply eat you instead of waiting for beef stew, you have a bigger issue than we're talking about here!)


Gimme A Break!

Okay, so we all know that the average dog is overweight and under-exercised. This is a fact that just can’t be disputed. We also know that many a behavior problem could be resolved by providing more exercise, mental stimulation and training.

However, in my own practice, I often come across dogs who have been swung all the way to the other side of the pendulum. They get lots of exercise, attend classes, go to daycare, frequent the dog park, go everywhere with their owners and participate in at least one sport. I call them the over-achievers.


Finding the Time to Train

Most tasks must be scheduled and planned, as we all have very busy lives. Like any dog owner, I’m sure that you’ve had difficulty finding the time to do the training you’d like to do. There’s work, the kids, the spouse, the house, the garden and more!


Dog Training Secrets No One Else Knows

If I told you that I had a special gift for seeing through your dog’s behavior and pin-pointing the problem and solution almost instantaneously, would you be intrigued? What if I told you that I could impart this wisdom to you and enable you to communicate clearly with your pet, so as to control that pet’s behavior? How much would you pay to learn the secrets of dog training from an intuitive and gifted master?


Dog Daycare Is Not Enough!

Most of my daycare clients come to daycare for two main reasons: exercise and socialization. We all understand that dogs need exercise, just like we do. However, sometimes owners are confused about what socialization really means when we're talking about our dogs.



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