(Part 2) Steve Brooks – The Heeler

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Steve isn’t the only one here with his own approach to life.  Steve adopted Sven after he was thrown out of a moving car on a farm in Tennessee.  Sven certainly seemed to have some aggression issues, but with a lot of patient love, Steve’s learned that Sven is not only a good dog, but also a talented musician.  Sven plays piano, bass and guitar as well as sings, and has recorded and released an album, with Steve providing the drums and production.  It's psychedelic, tripped-out, rock and roll dog training fun for the whole family!

There are many ways to Heel or Heal a dog! K9U was founded in 1998 in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles, and has continuously offered a variety of reasonably-priced programs. Steve is also an expert at training aggressive and difficult dogs.

TV Programs:  America's Dog Trainer

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