(Part 2) Georgia & Cecile - Kids & Dogs


Safe play with your dog is important. Initially, parents should be closely supervising to coach children to recognize arousal and then to trade the toy for a treat and ask for a sit or a drop from the dog so he calms down. Eating a food treat stops adrenaline production and will ensure the dog wont get any more excited.

Stop - drop - roll, such an easy chain of behaviours to train and great for self control. Also a great trick to show your friends! Luring again is the easiest way to train this and soon, the dog will do the behaviour on a hand signal. Try getting a roll both ways, or maybe two in a row.

Grooming is how many animals bond and dogs are no different. Children can calmly brush and groom the dog of an evening when everyone is tired and settling in for the night. Supervision is important and slow, firm strokes are most enjoyable for the dog.

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