(Part 1) Moira & Giannina - Educación Canina


Educación Canina (Moira Hechenleitner & Giannina Stagno) - Santiago, Chile

Giannina and Moira are veterinarians and pet dog trainers with Educación Canina, located in Santiago, Chile. In Part 1, they discuss how problems that look like impossible missions can be easily prevented with group classes for puppies, teaching basic obedience orders at an early age or using useful tools like rewards and a clicker, and how common household problems can be easily solved by training your dog with a command for an incompatible activity.
All these techniques allow the owner to learn more about their dog and its needs, and to have more control over them. This makes the bond between them grow stronger and prevents common problems such as abuse and abandonment.
Group classes allow puppies to socialize and regulate their mouths, while the entire family learns the right way to educate the new puppy. Obedience orders such as Sit, Respond to their Name, Lie Down and Stay improve daily interaction between owner and dog. Incompatible response techniques using these commands can help to prevent common problems such us jumping up, chewing and stealing food in the house.

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