(Part 1) Georgia & Cecile - Kids & Dogs


Reward based training is the only method that should be used by children for their dogs. We educate kids about training and behavior so the children in the house can control the dog through verbal cues and hand signals. We avoid confrontation between child and dog and therefore they experience a safer, more trusting relationship.  Play is such an excellent bonding activity and kids can sometimes excite the dog a little too much. Fetch and tug games, with rules, are great exercise for the dog and a learning experience for the child in how to calm the dog down.  Kids need to be involved, get them helping with enrichment aids and hiding food for the dog to find.

There are hundreds of basic tricks where kids can be involved in training the dog. It is important to set the child and dog up for success, make it easy for them to get it right! Food luring is so easy, but an adult should first teach the dog to follow a lure without snatching.  There are many activities on your daily walk you could practice: weaving around poles, jumping over small logs, practicing sit stays before crossing the road and so on. Look for training opportunities everywhere!

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