"Potty Training" with real grass!


Here are several photos of 5 week old pups using their real grass toilet area as suggested in Dr. Ian Dunbar's books "BEFORE You Get Your Puppy" and "AFTER You Get Your Puppy".

These pups will have a strong substrate preference for grass and be essentially pre-potty trained before they go to their new homes.

And with fifteen puppies in the litter this early habit is also a savior for their human *Mum* as well.

Note: While these pups will do their best to reach grass in order to do their business please remember that most pups, regardless of early training, do not have full bladder and bowel control until somewhere around six months of age. They still must be supervised or have access to a Long-

Term Confinement Area, with a doggy toilet as shown, in order to successfully become housetrained adult dogs. Doggy toilet and all photos by Sandi Burlarley.


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