1.10 - Dog Fears and Quarrels

The presenting subjective history for most dog-dog aggression is: “He fights all of the time and he is trying to kill the other dog”. However, when we objectively analyze the facts, in most cases, we discover that the dog has been involved in several (or many) dog fights, but has yet to put any of his opponents in the veterinary clinic surgery for repair. Obviously, if he is trying to kill the other dog, he is simply not very good at it. On the contrary, over and over, the dog has proved that he is not a dangerous dog. Instead he is belligerent, bellicose, or more likely lacks confidence around other dogs because he was never given the opportunity to develop the social savvy for meeting and greeting unfamiliar dogs. Really he is not different from most people, who nag and argue a surprising amount of the time.

iWoofs Seas:  Season 1