1.04 - Errorless Housetraining and Chewtoy Training

Housesoiling and destructive chewing are two of the most common, yet utterly predictable, behavior problems, which cause many owners to banish their dogs to the back yard, or maybe surrender their dogs to shelters. These two problems are so common and so utterly predictable, why don’t dog owners know how to housetrain and chewtoy train their dogs? It’s hardly rocket science. Of course it is easy to cite, “owner irresponsibility.” But for the most part, this is simply not true. As always, education is the key. And all pet professionals (including myself) have been negligent with regards proactively educating prospective and current pet owners. Hence this internet radio program! The solution is simple. Obviously dogs need to eliminate and they need to chew. Peeing, pooping and chewing are all perfectly normal, natural, and necessary doggy behaviors. Owners must learn to teach their dogs where they should eliminate and what they should chew.

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