A Tale OF Two Turkeys

The holidays can either bring out the best or worst in people. A woman client of mine told me how proud she was of her dog one Thanksgiving for keeping her engaged daughter from a bad marriage.

Apparently, all were gathered in the family room before the Thanksgiving meal when suddenly there was a shout from the kitchen. One of the assembled throng had gone into the kitchen to get a drink and found that the dog had hauled the cooling turkey off the table and was chowing down mightily.

Everyone came running and all thought it was hilarious, except for the daughter's fiancé. He went black in the face and started yelling at the dog and threatening it. Everyone looked at each other, now seeing the other side of this otherwise presentable man.

As a result of this incident the engagement was called off and the couple separated. So that family lost two turkeys that year, but what a blessing! “My daughter was saved from a horrible person because of that turkey incident, definitely a reason to give thanks,” my client concluded. And rightly so.

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