Do you have wonderful staff and where do you find them?

We have been blessed with wonderful staff at Dog Training Ireland (DTI). People who really know dogs, what they need, those who notice little changes such as a lump on a dog or that they are feeling off or tired. Staff who have the dogs interest at heart. Not only do they have to be good with the dogs but also great with people, they have to be able to explain things in a variety of ways, deal with difficult clients or clients who may be harsh on their dogs or help to console owners when things do not work out or a dog passes.

How do you locate your staff? Do you advertise or do people gravitate towards your company? When you do find the people you like how do you train them? How do you portray your company values so they will also value them? What do you think is an important trait in someone who is going to work with dogs and people?

We do have one DTI person who is very important and who works away in the background developing the website, updating it, thinking up new ideas and making sure everything is ticking over nicely technology wise!

Carroll Reid is our webmaster, programmer and all round techie! Carroll is Lisas husband and not only knows dogs, is a fab website developer but he is also a drummer for the group FROCK, oh and he can ski too. Talk about multitalented.

We are delighted to have such a great group of people around us. Without them DTI wouldn't function. Who's who in your organisation? And have you said "thanks" recently?!

To all our people THANK YOU!