Conference time!

Wow, so looking forward to the APDT conference in San Francisco next week!

My lectures are planned, my video clips ready to go… now all I have to do is pack and say a long goodbye to my dogs. Surely I'm not the only one with separation anxiety when I go away (that's definitely me, not them!).

Some time ago a friend of mine told me that she thought the age of the conference was over, that the internet was the new mass media and that no one would bother to commit the time, effort and expense to head off to listen to other people speak, no matter how passionate they are about the subject. Clearly she was not a dog person! Conference can give such a different experience to sitting in front of your computer. This is the chance to meet and mix with real people who are out there doing the real thing, with real dogs - day in, day out. This is not just networking - it's socialisation! I can't wait!