Liz Catalano


Elisabeth Catalano, M.A., CPDT, CDBC, CPBC (“Liz’) is a professional dog trainer and behavior counselor. She is the Co-Owner and Director of Behavior and Training at “The Coventry School for Dogs and Their People” located in Columbia, MD.  Liz teaches all levels of general pet training classes as well as specialty classes including adult dog playgroups and dog-to-dog aggression classes. Liz was one of two trainers responsible for managing and developing a well-known dog-to-dog aggression program that became the model for growl classes across the country. Liz has recently co-developed a new dog aggression class called Kranky K9's with her husband and trainer, Vincent Catalano. Liz is an accomplished clicker trainer and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and The Animal Behavior Society.  

Over the years, Liz has provided instruction to trainers on learning theory, ethology, instruction skills, classroom management, and dog handling.  She has been quoted in Sara Wilson’s book, “Metro Dogs”; is a featured author in the APDT’s “Chronicle of the Dog”; is a regular contributor to “The New Parent Guide” Magazine; and appeared on local Channel 12’s “Pet Stop”.  She was a guest on’s popular “Teacher’s Pet” series in a segment entitled “Can You Hear Me Now?” and has lectured in various venues. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management. Liz has completed a Graduate Certificate in the Advanced Psychology of Animal Behavior and Conservation and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Animal Behavior at CUNY's Hunter College in NYC. 

Liz has enjoyed the company of multiple canine companions for many years and currently shares her life with her husband and their rescued dogs: a German Shepherd, a Foxhound and three deaf Australian Shepherds. Liz’s dogs, are certified Therapy Dogs, have earned titles and compete in obedience, agility, sheep herding and Nosework, and have appeared in nationally-released training videos, commericals, books and calendars.

More information about Liz, as well as her personal blog, can be found at web site.