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Is Your Aggressive Dog Dangerous? Dr. Dunbar Says, Probably Not

This video clip was taken from the new online seminar by Dr. Ian Dunbar: Dog-Dog Reactivity, only available on the Dunbar Academy All-Access Pass. Try your first month for just $1.  Do you have an...

Make Muzzle Wearing Fun!

How to Use Food Intelligently in Lure-Reward Dog Training

Based on Dr. Ian Dunbar’s lecture (of the same title). Only available on The All Access Pass at Food is extremely useful when training a dog … Food is simply unmatched for...

The Importance of Early Socialization

Socialization is the process of becoming familiar with all kinds of animals, people, places, and things; as well as learning how to behave in society. All puppies need socialization regardless of

When Can I Stop Rewarding My Dog?

The Dune Chronicles: A little background….

When the time came for me to select my first new puppy in many years I proceeded slowly and carefully and put a lot of thought into it. Choosing a new dog to be your companion is a big decision, and as someone who works with animal shelters and their resident animals I have seen so many pairings gone awry. I know it is important to really think about lifestyle and expectations before getting a dog; and then there is lots of research to do to find the dog the will be the best match.


Making a Living With the Dogs- by Veronica Boutelle, MA, CTC

Ever wish you could quit your day job and live life with the dogs? Perhaps you sit at your work desk dreaming of being a dog walker? Maybe you drift off during meetings, imagining yourself training canines? Or stare past customers, planning your own doggie daycare? In short, do you want to work with dogs full time, but can’t see how?  Coaching and supporting dog professionals for a living, I’ve seen people make the transition to full-time dog pro from all walks of life—lawyers, secretaries, computer scientists, sales reps, consultants, college students, you name it. So if you’ve ever daydreamed, read on to see what it takes to make a living with the dogs.

Seek Good Education


Dog Food Ads: Hope or Hype?

Dog Food Ads: Hope or Hype?

Have you ever seen that dog food commercial where the puppy scampers up the wooden porch steps to the adoring child? Thanks to the magic of television, the dog is then an adult, walking up those same stairs to the now-teenager. Fast-forward another few years and the dog is a senior, climbing slowly toward his loving adult owner. Do the math, and you know what comes next—reaching for the Kleenex.


Basic Instinct

Many years ago, I asked my malamute Phoenix, whether she wanted to drive down Solano Avenue to get some frozen yogurt and she didn't reply with her usual WrrrWrrrooooo and so, convinced she was up to some mischief, I quietly crept upstairs, only to find her puzzling with The Times crossword while listening to CNN. This may surprise some of you. It certainly surprised me. Normally I expect dogs to chew, dig and bark for amusement, not to read a book, enjoy needlepoint, or watch soaps on the television.


Retreat & Treat

I believe the term “Retreat ’n Treat” was first coined by Suzanne Clothier. I initially called the technique “Retreat With Honor” after getting into a dodgy situation with an Akita. Basically, we were much too close and the situation was beginning to escalate — the Akita growled and I reprimanded. Both of us desperately wanted to normalize the interaction without losing face.


Chewtoy List

David LetterDog’s List of Things Dogs Cannot Do While Chewing a Chewtoy


Dog Daycare Is Not Enough!

Most of my daycare clients come to daycare for two main reasons: exercise and socialization. We all understand that dogs need exercise, just like we do. However, sometimes owners are confused about what socialization really means when we're talking about our dogs.


The Key to Kibble

Folks that have read my books and seen my videos know my sentiments about dog training: If you can’t train your dog while enjoying a cup of tea, reading a book, or watching television, then you’re doing something wrong.

I would regularly train my Malamute Phoenix while watching football (soccer) matches on the television. During the advertisement breaks, I would ask her to leave the couch and sit in her dog bed directly in front of the television. When she sat in her bed, I could barely see the bottom of the screen over the massive dome of her head. It was easy then to lie back on the couch, to take a sip of tea and to read a few pages while keeping just one eye on her solid sit stays. If at anytime, I could see the entire screen, I knew that she was sinking and that it was time to remind her of her Sit Stay.


Sit List

David Letterdog's List of Things Dogs Cannot Do While Sitting


Puppy Personality Development

All owners hope that their young pup will develop into a happy-go-lucky, well behaved, good-natured adult dog that above all, lives to a fine old age. Without a doubt, appropriate puppy education is the single most important factor to ensure this outcome. The nature of the puppy's socialization and training depends very much on the changing physical and mental capabilities and constraints during the various stages ofpersonality development from birth to maturity.



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