What Are the K9 GAMES?



— The Ultimate Dog Show —

The K9 GAMES™ is a team competition
designed for dogs and their human companions
to have fun together and to showcase user-friendly and
dog-friendly dog training techniques to the general public.


Over the past few years, television has gone to the dogs! Dogs have become more and more prominent in the media, movies and sitcoms. PuppyDogs have a proven “Ahhhhh!-factor” and are used to advertise numerous products from cars to beer. In England dogs even advertise toilet tissue! Dogs have everything. The time has come for dogs to advertise themselves!

Twenty years ago, I predicted, that dog events (especially Dog Dancing) would become then next big-money TV sport, in much the same way that Figure Skating (skating repetitive figures) has evolved into Ice Dancing. It is just begging to happen. And now it is happening…

The K9 GAMES® is a fun-filled, fast-moving, action-packed doggy extravaganza with puppies and dogs, children and adults all having a great time. Winning is only the tertiary reason for competition. The secondary reason for competition is to show spectators just how much fun you’re are having, in order to entice them to want to train their dogs the friendly way. At all times K9 GAME® competitors are ambassadors for dogs, and for dog-friendly dog training. The primary reason for competing is to have fun with your dog. Laughter and giggles, and woofs and wiggles are the hallmark of these K9 GAME®.

The purpose of the K9 GAMES® is to bring back some sparkle, some excitement and razzledazzle to pet dog training, by providing an organized forum to motivate owners to want to train their dogs — using easy and enjoyable, dog-friendly dog training techniques. All events are designed to improve the quality of the relationship between dogs and people and each individual event, (including doggy-dashes, retrieval races, woof relays and the signature event — doggy dancing), is specifically designed to fine-tune essential ingredients of a pet dog's training repertoire.

The K9 GAMES® showcases dog-friendly dog training — showing people having fun with their dogs, and showing dogs having fun with their people. The K-9 GAMES® provides educational entertainment to an ever expanding audience, which is all but begging for more dog-related good times. People love to laugh. People and dogs love fun, action, athleticism, competition, excitement and family events. People are seduced by game-shows and repetitive activities, especially sports. (In England, show jumping and sheep herding competitions are prime-time viewing!) People even enjoy watching the variety of different breeds stand around and look pretty at conformation dog shows. The K9 GAMES® offers all of the above and much more. The K9 GAMES® also demonstrates every fun doggy activity, including agility, carting, obedience, flyball, freestyle and Frisbee. The K9 Games has it all. Simply put, the K9 Games is the most exciting, exhilarating, action packed doggy extravaganza.



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