4.02 Open Paw & The Not Quite Good Enough Dog

Many dogs end up in shelters because of relatively minor behavior problems.  Unfortunately, most dogs then become less adoptable the longer they spend in a shelter, because whatever housetraining or socialization they do have begins to deteriorate.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In this episode the Dunbars talk about Kelly "Pet" project, Open Paw, and its vision of making every shelter a dog training and education center.  It actually takes less time and energy to care for dogs using the Open Paw system, and it makes the dogs much more likely to be adopted by a loving family.  Additionally, the volunteers will gain valuable dog training skills that they can help spread out into the community.

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Hmmmm  having had 3 of what people label  "not quite good enough dogs"        a good friend of mine is a professional dog trainer, and one

of the project she's involved in......training dogs at her local shelter.  Of course it makes a difference,    98% of the time it's NOT the dog,

its people's stupidity.  They don't do their homework, and/or figure one doesn't need to train.   Ugggh     

Great article!         I support good breeders, but give me the "not quite good enough Dobermans"    they become "the best dogs!"